Meet Aaron.

The Unforgettable Pitchman Aaron Wirtz brings over 20 years of performing arts experience to his work in the automotive industry. A regular on the stage to this day, he has performed with Music Theatre Wichita, Friends University, Wichita State University, and the Austin Ballet Academy.

As the Nutcracker Prince

His work in the automotive industry began as the Social Media manager for Suzuki of Wichita, the #1 volume Suzuki auto dealership in the United States for five consecutive years, and oversaw the successful transition from Suzuki to Subaru of Wichita. He has spoken about his progressive digital strategy at two consecutive Driving Sales Executive Summit events in Las Vegas, and is a regularly selected to present for groups like the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and the Wichita American Marketing Association.

Aaron Wirtz at DSES

The explosive, undeniable success of Super Car Guys’ advertising (with Aaron as television and radio spokesperson), has rounded out his automotive marketing experience, and given him a first person view of how “traditional” advertising platforms work together with emergent strategies to generate incredible sales.

As the Super Car Guy

In print and online, Aaron has been featured by Automotive News, Edmunds.com, AdWeek, the Wichita Eagle, and the Wichita Business Journal. He is a featured contributor to DealerRefresh, and has appeared on Fox & Friends, FoxBusiness, and is a Sales Training contributor to CBTNews.

Aaron Wirtz on Fox & Friends

His variety of talents include: Tap dancing, playing the spoons, pop n’ lock dancing, juggling sticks, and physical comedy. In his spare time, he produces and performs his own electronic music, is a proud Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and holds an Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Wichita State University.

Tap Dancing

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